Yoga Wall Retreat with Martin Zilbauer

Yoga Wall Retreat 
October 31st to November 4th

With Martin Zilbauer


Preise: From 900 €



The Yoga Wall is a great prop to teach proper alignment and as such have access to parts of body and mind difficult to achieve otherwise. It helps to practice with ease and stability, which will allow the mind to relax and to be more open to receive the benefits of yoga.


In Part One of this workshop, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of The Great Yoga Wall. This method is based on the work with wall ropes developed by B.K.S. Iyengar and strictly follows his alignment-focused teachings. You will learn how to use the Yoga Wall, as well as the specially designed props. Both the wall and the props will enable you to gain deeper understanding in your asana practice. You will attain a surprisingly wide range of movements in the supine and prone postures, as well as in the seated, standing, and inverted asanas. This exploration will give you a thorough overview of the versatility and flexibility that comes when practicing an asana using the Yoga Wall. Whether you are an eager student, an experienced yoga teacher, or completely new to Yoga Wall or Iyengar Yoga, this workshop offers plenty of inspiration for your self-practice, as well as insight into your teaching, whether in the classroom or one-on-one.



Part Two expands upon the knowledge gained in Part One. Whether for personal practice or for teaching, you will learn exciting, easy ways of using the Yoga Wall to more quickly progress your yoga understanding. Most classes will start with a special Vinyasa-style sequence. This will help you learn to use props, such as the Yoga Wall, without breaking your flow. A special section of the workshop will be devoted to the logistics and use of the Yoga Wall. You will develop different sequences without changing the set-up of the Yoga Wall and practice integrating the principles you learn from working with the Yoga Wall into your asana practice without using the Wall itself. You will also learn safe, therapeutic approaches to many of the asanas. The knowledge gained in this workshop will greatly benefit your regular practice, even if there are no props are available!


The price is including 4 nights at when booked in a double room, all food and 22 hours of Yoga classes with the Yoga Wall. If you wish a Single room contact us under This price is the early bird offer which is valid until 01.05.2018 after which the price goes up to 980 Euro



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