Coaching Constellations. Practitioner V. Module One

Coaching Constellations Practitioner V.  Module One

April 23rd to 28th, 2018

With  John Whittington

++ This training is full  ++

The next Practitioner training starts in April 2019

This Practitioner Training will:

  • Deepen your systemic stance and inner movement from helpful to useful
  • Build your understanding of the organising principles of systems and where they come from
  • Offer you multiple opportunities to practice in different contexts: individuals, groups and teams
  • Guide you in finding and offering the different kinds of systemic sentences
  • Give you affirming feedback on your facilitation and systemic coaching
  • Encourage you to explore the resources and loyalties in your own systems when working as a coach
  • Offer you practice in new ways of working one-to-one, further ways of working with groups and teams
  • Allow you to see the blocks and resources to organisational change through a systemic lens
  • Introduce you to further structural constellation forms to use with self and with clients
  • Guide you in reading the patterns in ‘classical’ and ‘structural’ constellations
  • Expand your repertoire of ways to introduce a systemic perspective and methodology
  • Allow you to integrate systemic constellations alongside your other interventions
  • Give you opportunities to learn about particular systemic circumstances and the dynamics in them
  • Allow you to deepen your understanding and range of application by reviewing case studies from others
  • Invite you to illuminate the patterns, difficulties and resources within your family-of-origin
  • Support you in working at the boundary of family and organisational issues



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