200h Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training. Yoga Alliance certification. With Cosmin Iancu

200 hours intensive training in Ashtanga Yoga

Accredited by the Yoga Alliance


Taught by Cosmin Iancu

Module 1: March 2nd to the 16th or August 17th to 31st

Module 2: August, from the 17th to the 31st.

This is a training course for teachers or to deepen your practice of Ashtanga Yoga.

It is comprised of two modules, of 15 days each.

Each module has Yoga Alliance 100 hours accreditation. You may do both modules in one year, or only one. If you have already done the first Ashtanga Yoga training course, you may do only the second.
You may only do level 2 if you have already done level 1.

The course is taught face-to-face and in coexistencepresencial that is to say, you eat and sleep at where you will have use of ideal facilities, with study areas, space for personal practice, space to relax in nature, or to experience the joy of yoga with your fellow students.

During these weeks at the centre, our training course will be the only one taking place. This will create a friendly yet focused atmosphere, with a very special energy, and this energy will be converted into a unique and enriched training course – in every sense.


In a twin room:

Super early bird 1.700 €

Applicable if you reserve a place before January 20th for module 1 in March

Applicable if you reserve a place before May 1st for August

Early bird 1.950 €

Applicable if you reserve a place between May 1st and June 30th for August


Normal Price  2.240 €

Applicable if you reserve a place from January 20th for March

Applicable if you reserve a place from July 1st for August

In a triple room

Super early bird  1.500 €

Applicable if you reserve a place before January 20th for module 1 in March

Applicable if you reserve a place before May 1st for August

Early bird  1.810 €

Applicable if you reserve a place between May 1st and June 30th for August


Normal Price  2.100 €

Applicable if you reserve a place from January 20th for March

Applicable if you reserve a place from July 1st for August

(To confirm your place you must pay a non-refundable deposit of €800. The second payment must be made upon beginning the course.)


In a twin room

Super early bird: 3.210 €  

Applicable if you reserve a place before January 20th


Normal Price  4.270 €

Applicable if you reserve a place from January 20th

In a triple room:

Super early bird: 2.9310 €  

Applicable if you reserve a place before January 20th


Normal Price  3.990 €

Applicable if you reserve a place from January 20th

(To confirm your place you must pay a non-refundable deposit of €1,000. The second payment must be made upon beginning the course.)

The price includes:

Lodging, food, water, coffee and tea, as well as training accredited by the Yoga Alliance.


The price does not include:

Flights, airport transfers, alcoholic drinks, and massage therapies.



  1. 1. Daily guided classes in mysore, to perfect personal practice and to help you understand the system of Ashtanga Yoga.
  2. 2. Daily workshops in Ashtanga Yoga:
    Physical and verbal adjustments.
    The benefits of practice, and therapeutic Yoga.
    Subtle Yoga (bandha, pranayama and dristi).
    Teaching techniques, including how to structure a practice for the needs of an individual, and much more.:)
  3. 3. Daily personal pranayama and mediation practice, daily shatkriyas, and verdic chanting
  4. 4. Participants will take turns to assist Cosmin in mysore classes, over the two weeks.
    We will go through all of the postures from the first series, Yoga Chikista, and will introduce some postures from the intermediate and advanced series, which are especially important in therapeutic yoga.


  1. The lumbar spine: to learn its attributes, in order to understand adjustments needed in yoga.
  2. 2.Cervical and dorsal spine: how to exercise it, and how to avoid potential risks.
  3. 3.Ayurvedic, Traditional Chinese, and Western medicine: each represent a different approach to health, and they complement one another. Points to aid the practice.
  4. 4.Subtle Anatomy: Energetic structures: nadis and meridians. Effects of the practice.
  5. 5.Neuroscience and yoga.



  1. Patanjali yoga. A modern scientific treatise.
  2. Pradipika Hatha Yoga seen from an ayuverdic perspective, and from the point of view of current science.
  3. The tradition of yoga in water. Filogenesis, ontogenesis, science and Yoga in the water, according to the Lonavla tradition.
  4. Daily satsang according to the principles of Ashtanga Yoga.
  5. Ethics of Yoga.



Santillán has 20 rooms, each one individually designed, with special attention given to colour, harmony and equilibrium.   All of the rooms have an en-suite bathroom with a sink and shower, magnifying mirror, hairdryer and welcome products, air conditioning, heating, desk and balcony or porch with views of the sea, or the gardens and mountains.

You may stay in an individual room, a twin, or a triple.



We offer fruit, tea and coffee in the morning, a complete breakfast, a light lunch, and dinner. Tea, coffee and water are available 24 hours. Meals are always served buffet-style.

The cooks at Santillán like to share their healthy cooking, inspired by the cuisine of both Spain and Italy. However, there are also able to cater for gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, and lactose-free diets.  It is important that you inform us of any dietary restrictions with ample time, so that we can accommodate them.

Special dietary needs are adhered to, within reason, if you give us a minimum of one week’s notice. If, for medical reasons, you follow a very restricted diet, you might need to bring certain essential food items with you.

If you have a propensity to severe allergic reactions, for example if a trace coming into contact with cutlery or crockery would cause a reaction, you must inform us. Bear in mind that we cannot offer absolute guarantees for these types of allergies.


2nd March/17th August – arrival, presentation, and group introduction.
2nd to 15th March/18th to 30th August:

7:00 – Mysore practice
9:00 – Coffee/tea break
9:30 – Guided Ashtanga Yoga/pranayama, meditation and mantra chanting
11:30 – Breakfast break
12:30 – Ashtanga Yoga or Satsang Workshop
15:00 – Midday break
17:00 – Afternoon practice/anatomy class
19:30 – Meditation

16th March/31st August

7:00 – Mysore practice
9:00 – Coffee/tea break
9:30 – Guided Ashtanga Yoga/pranayama, meditation and mantra chanting
12:30 – Closing ceremony/Satsang
14:00 – Group hug & farewell



Cosmin Iancu

Cosmin was born in Romania in 1976, emigrated to Canada after finishing university, and has been based in Valencia since 2010. Cosmin was introduced to Yoga practice by her godmother, Umadevi, an experienced yoga teacher and Cosmin’s own personal spiritual guide.

After years of intensive practice, she decided to give up her career as an architect and take the yogic path instead.

He was initiated into traditional Yoga practice by hindu monk Bhooma Chaitanya and began to study Ashtanga Yoga with him – a discipline which she has become very passionate about.

Over the years, Cosmin has had the opportunity to practice with many well-known teachers; of them, she has particular respect for Sri Andrei Ram (Dharma Yoga), Kristina Karitinou who introduced her to the advanced postures of Ashtanga Yoga, and for her current teacher, Sri Manju Pattabhi Jois, the son of Sri K Pattabhi Jois. In 2017, Manju recognised Cosmin’s years of practice by offering her official certification to teach Ashtanga Yoga, according to the tradition.

Between 2015 and 2016, Cosmin offered her services as volunteer Yoga teacher in Picassent Penitentiary, an experience which has had a profound impact on her professional life, as well as her personal practice

Cosmin travels extensively every year, offering courses and seminars in various schools of Yoga, and going to international festivals, dedicating her life to the practicing Yoga, and teaching it, just as her teachers taught her, offering all her efforts for the benefit of all beings. Harih OM.

Cosmin has E-RYT 500 (experienced yoga teacher 500), and YACEP (continuous education provider) accreditation.

More information can be found at her website: personal web


Pilar Luna Catalayud

Pilar Luna describes herself as a woman straddling a border, with one foot in medical science and the other in alternative medicines of the East and West. This border, far from being a territory to defend, seems to her a fertile land full of possibilities for comprehensive health.

“Working alongside Cosmin is one of the gifts which life has given me, and it always improves my practice and my quest.”

  • Degree in Medicine and Surgery. University of Valencia.
  • Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine. University of Shanghai, PR of China.
  • Diploma in Phytotherapy. University of Montpellier, France
  • Diploma in Human Nutrition, Dietetics, and Diet Therapy. University of Nancy, France.
  • Masters’ Degree in Tropical Medicine. University of Valencia.
  • International Masters in Humanitarian Medicine. University of Alicante.
  • Masters’ Degree in Public Health and Sanitation Management. IVESP, Valencia.
  • Yoga Teacher. Certified by the French Federation, Boris Tatzky (Yoga of energy), and by the AEPY. (France and Spain.)
  • Qigong Teacher. Beijing University.
  • Yoga and Qigong teacher at Picassent Penitentiary, since 1999.
  • Teacher of anatomy in different schools of Yoga teacher training.
  • Assessor in health topics for teachers of Yoga and qigong, and advanced practitioners (groups and individuals).
  • Lover of life, and of a better world. Activist.

“Teach what is inside you. Not as it applies to you, yourself, but as it applies to another.”

Tirumalai Krishnamacharya

Some time ago, our students asked us to create a Teacher training programme which helps them to better understand the Yogic experience. For us it was a great challenge to create said programme, where we can offer participants high quality information, intense practice, and of course, an example of how to live Yoga.


Thanks to all the technology that we have gained in recent years, a lot of information regarding the practice has been shared, so if one wanted to find theoretical answers, there are many high quality resources out there. On the other hand, as Patthabi Jois always said, “Yoga is 1% theory, and 99% practice”. Therefore, one must delve deeply into the practical aspect to truly to reap the benefits of the Yogic practice.


We designed our programme with that in mind. The central theme is practice, practice, practice. Of course, a little theory accentuates some aspects of the practice, which helps us to better understand it, but the focus is always to apply that knowledge to what is happening within ourselves – while we are on the mat, while we are moving, while we are breathing and thinking, going about our daily business throughout those two weeks.


During that period together, your limits will be pushed, to allow you to recognise and be conscious of your own limitations, and to gain a more profound sense of sadhana – the yogic path. It is possible that you will experience intense emotions, which may put you in contact with parts of yourself which you have forgotten, or even which you never knew existed. One cannot create space for the new, without having freed oneself from the old. The practice is a purifying tool which helps to get rid of conditioning; so that one can become aware of one’s true potential, which is sometimes buried, inactive, in the subconscious.


Intense practice leads to a more profound understanding of oneself, through a process of personal fulfilment, and that is exactly what we want students to experience. Of course, one can study different schools of yogic practice, and learn their tools from books, but the best way to understand it on a deeper level is through a personal fulfilment; that is the way in which the great yogis came to understand it, and as such they were able to relay it for posterity. Two weeks might not be much time, but, depending upon the extent of one’s karmic baggage, it might be long enough to have a profound mystical experience which can change one’s perspective on life forever. And that is our goal, offering you the platform – the best practice, in the best possible environment – to concentrate completely on yourself, on the practice, and to actualise it in your own way. This is the only way to gain sufficient understanding to pass on your knowledge to others.

We ask that our participants have at least one year’s experience in Yoga practice (which means that they must have had at least one year of contact with Yoga before we are able to recognise their basic skills) and have a genuine desire to share it. When you sign up for our programme, you are entirely responsible for your own safety, since no one other than you can truly know your personal limits. Prior to the start of the course, it is advisable that participants know the full first series of Ashtanga Yoga (with or without personal variations, depending upon certain physical conditions and limitations). Also, we reserve the right to select participants, and to exclude them in cases of poor conduct or the misrepresentation of their intentions or personal truths.


Any use of narcotics or substances which alter the mind and body is completely prohibited during the training, since the powerful yogic techniques imparted in this training can react very badly with them, and causes serious harm. On the contrary, we will focus on purifying our systems so as to benefit from the practice on a deeper level.
The course (100 hours in total) is accredited by the Yoga Alliance as “continued education”, and can be added to your curriculum if you are a qualified yoga teacher.

We hope very much to see you there. Namaste.


Krishnamacharya – Yoga MakarandaSri K Pattabhi Jois – Yoga Mala
Gregor Maehle – Ashtanga Yoga, Practice and Theory
Swami Hariharananda Aranya – Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras Commentary
Richard Freeman – The Art of Vinyasa


Cosmin: +34 667815377



You can also ask us from here your doubts about information, accommodation, meals …

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